Business Trusted helps businesses grow by helping them build trust with their potential and existing customers and partners.

Business Trusted rating helps businesses not only in communicating, with their customers, their commitment for total customer satisfaction, but also helps them communicate, with their partners, their commitment for building successful and mutually beneficial relationship.

Businesses could leverage Business Trusted Ratings in :

1. Attracting new customers by communicating the ratings, indicating their commitment and capability to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Attracting better partners (vendors; suppliers; distributes; etc.) and getting better deals with existing partners by communicating the ratings, indicating their commitment for ethical practices and commitment for creating mutually beneficial relationship with the partners.

3. Making sure that the new/existing partners are reliable and trustworthy by checking their ratings. If existing/potential partners do not have Business Trusted ratings, companies could ask Business Trusted to conduct a review.

4. Be in a leadership position at trade associations and industrial forums.

5. Better acceptability and added advantage in situations such as tenders and competitive bidding.

Business Trusted also acts as arbitrator in case of disputes with customers/partners, helping them to settle disputes quickly in most amicable way possible.

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